BelvestQuality, excellence, creativity, and sartorial craftsmanship — these are the values Belvest stands for. Founded in 1964 at Piazzola sul Brenta, the company celebrates a history of more than 45 years as a market leader. Each of its 300 employees contributes to the company’s success not only with their professional skills and experience, but also with their commitment and love for their work. When Venetian entrepreneur Aldo Nicoletto took the helm at Belvest S.p.A. he envisioned a company with a reputation of a high-calibre, internationally respected clothing manufacturer. His daughter, Maria Teresa Nicoletto, carries on and further develops her father’s vision, using her entrepreneurial elegance and delicate sense of style. Her son Riccardo Della Piazza the family’s third generation has been present in the company for more than ten years. Belvest has cultivated a tradition of exquisitely tailored garments made from the finest materials. With its meticulous attention to quality and detail the company has set industry standards for cutting and production. The designers at Belvest are constantly researching for new materials and continue to create beautiful styles. The development of models builds on decades of experience, yet respects new tendencies in fashion and uses fabrics of the freshest colours and shades. Thus the company maintains its worldwide respect as manufacturer of first-class hand-made clothing.