Giamrito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi HK Shop 7The real luxury of shoes lies in the pleasure of slipping them on.
Just a few, essential words encapsulate the philosophy that animates Gianvito Rossi’s style.
With footwear in his blood – his father Sergio contributed to the history of Italian footwear worldwide – Gianvito grew up constantly surrounded by a world in which the tradition and artisanship of the Italian district of San Mauro Pascoli was expertly combined with international glamour. It was a contamination, a fusion of the countryside where Federico Fellini spent his formative years, the charm of Paris, the rapid pace of New York, and the colours of the cities of the Orient: countries that Gianvito Rossi learned to know, and the stimuli of which are at the centre of his work.
A love for beauty, aesthetics and harmony of proportions guides the stylist in each of his creations, which are pure forms of design, far from excess and exaggeration and true to the never-shouted elegance that has been the brand’s distinctive element since its debut in September 2006 at Milan Fashion Week. Since then, Gianvito Rossi’s collections have grown and added new models each season, winning interest from a vast array of admirers. But this success hides a little secret: the point of departure for each creation is the female figure. In his search for inspiration, Gianvito Rossi has just one diktat: to get as close as possible to women to understand their desires, by observing their movements and studying their tastes. A critically important event is the regular meeting with customers in his boutiques, maintaining the relationship of exclusivity embodied in a product that is never serialised but is instead the fruit of Italian artisan excellence. “Because a shoe is like the frame of a beautiful painting, in which the main subject is the woman,” as the stylist loves to say. The secret of his creation is right there, in imagining every shoe not as an ornament, not as an object in itself, but as a prolonging of the body: a pure, tapered form, comfortable, flexible and designed to make the woman more beautiful and accompany her throughout her day. An aesthetic that leaves behind the excesses of self-celebration to exalt a sensual modernity, taking its inspiration from the irony of life. In this sense even the accessory becomes discreet, favouring a pure and essential design created to enhance the form. And exalt Woman, in all her femininity.